How do you Transform an Industry—One Life and One Career at a Time?!


A diverse, abundant and engaged talent pipeline has been an insurance industry goal for many years.  Building upon a multi-sector collaboration, RMSOA has delivered a sustainable talent solution which will transform the insurance industry —- one life and one career at a time!

The RMSOA talent solution is constructed upon a U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Certified Insurance Apprenticeship Program. We are one of a hand full of entities offering a portable, nationally recognized certification as a General Insurance Associate. Collaborating with local and national insurance industry associations, nonprofit organizations, third party sector specialist and community colleges—RMSOA offers a professional apprenticeship which prepares participants for entry level positions while equipping them with an AAS degree and life-time “career navigation” skills.


Two Paths…One Destination!


RMSOA (Client) Apprenticeship Talent Pipeline

On a cost-plus basis, RMSOA will recruit, select and train (including preparation to fit your corporate culture) entry level employees for insurance related companies e.g. insurance carriers, agencies, third party administrators, etc. We will act as your talent “farm team” or your development league of entry level talent. RMSOA is uniquely equipped (i.e. culture, principle’s work experience and industry network) to develop diverse and inclusive personnel.

Utilizing outsourced work which supports your daily business functions, we introduce the apprentice to your systems, service culture and performance measures. RMSOA is responsible for the selection, recruitment and training of your apprentice(s)—freeing you to focus upon your business mission. The RMSOA trained apprentice does not become your permanent employee until your need and their preparation determine it! 


 RMSOA (Internal) Apprenticeship Talent Pipeline

As an (Internal) RMSOA Apprentice you will be trained to assume a permanent position within one of our internal divisions. RMSOA is an insurance industry leader providing innovative Back Office Support Services (B.O.S.S.®). Our medium is the insurance industry our mission is to train, support and deploy industry leaders!

If you can distill your interest and talents to a passion, RMSOA will assist you in discovering a career expression of that talent within the insurance industry. The industry experience of our principles includes independent brokerage, insurance carrier underwriting and marketing, claims management, municipal and private risk management, entrepreneurship, etc. —our industry network is three calls away from any touch point within the insurance industry. We can introduce you to someone who is living your dream. Your position, training and passion will result in a “Career Without Boarders.” 


Components of RMSOA (DOL) Apprenticeship Program(s) 

  • Full Time Salary (living wage level)
  • On the Job Training (direct work experience)
  • AAS Associates Degree (potentially 100% of tuition)
  • External Success Support  (third party consultants and providers)
  • Mission Oriented Leadership Training
  • U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Certification
  • Career Path vs. Job
  • Career Navigation Skills (portable—lifetime)


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