Telephone Investigation and Claim Reporting – 1st Notice of Loss

Claims Reporting  Employers cannot determine the day and time an accident will occur.  We have developed a 24/7/365 call center protocol that specializes in dealing with employee absence, and commercial related coverages such as automobile, general liability and property losses.  Our protocols include notifying key individuals in the event of a major loss (defined with the client).  This stems from our philosophy— anything that has a negative impact on your bottom line is a risk that must be managed.  We understand the impact that certain types of losses may have on our client’s corporate image. It is our responsibility to insure clients are notified as early as possible.  In addition, we can notify multiple organizations simultaneously avoiding duplication of efforts.


Telephone Claims Investigations  One area that was recognized as leading cause of unnecessary litigation and claim expense was delayed reporting and contact.  To solve this problem, we offer 24/7/365 telephone claims investigation.  Working in conjunction with the Call Center we can take a loss report and immediately begin the investigation.

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