AEGEAN®   Clearinghouse


AEGEAN is the industry leading EDI clearinghouse, uniting providers and payors in the Workers’ Compensation and Automobile insurance industry. We use a secure FTP interface which allows providers to upload their workers’ comp and automobile claims electronically to participating payors directly from our website.  Our clearinghouse will accelerate the conversion of claims to cash flow, amplify operational efficiency, and lower the total cost of bill processing.

Key Features

  • Low clearinghouse fees – Lowest per-bill fees to submit to any participating workers’ comp and automobile insurance carriers in the United States
  • No added fees for mandatory supporting documentation
  • Use existing billing software to submit bills
  • Our secure FTP software allows you to continue to utilize your existing practice management software to submit bills and supporting documentation.
  • We understand the requirements of workers’ compensation and auto med pay payors; attachments are always sent with bills.  Each practice designates their own file naming convention to ensure that bills and notes are matched properly.
  • Know the date and time your bills were submitted and, if necessary, when resubmissions were made.

How it Works


AEGEAN accepts your bills via the standard 837 EDI format.  The bills and all corresponding documentation are matched by using a unique identifier.  This identifier is determined specifically for your practice. 

The AEGEAN software then verifies the information on your claim files to ensure the claim is complete.  Claims are then submitted directly to the various payers.